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Significant OPAP contribution to children on the occasion of 35th Athens Marathon

3,642,845 Euros added to the investment in the renovation of "Aghia Sofia" and "Panagioti & Aglaias Kyriacou" pediatric hospitals


Citizens responded impressively to OPAP's call to participate in the action and the "OPAP Contribution Squad" special application, in the framework of the 35th Authentic Athens Marathon, of which the company is Grand Sponsor. A total of 201,756 people who support OPAP's initiative used the revamped "OPAP Contribution Squad" app and were able to support the renovation of the two largest pediatric hospitals in the country, "Aghia Sofia" and "Panagioti & Aglaias Kyriacou", for the fourth consecutive year.

Overall, this year's actions resulted in the generation of 3,642,845 Eurosin the form of virtual contributions, which OPAP automatically converted into financial support. This is part of the total investment of the company in the renovation of the two hospitals that is being implemented since 2014, as part of the OPAP Corporate Social Responsibility program.

OPAP CEO Damian Cope stated: "I am very pleased to be part of the Authentic Athens Marathon – a truly global organization and a landmark event for Athens and athletes from across Greece and the world. At OPAP, we take pride in being the Marathon's Grand Sponsor for a 7th consecutive year and our activities for this great race reflect our commitment to sports. On the occasion of the Marathon, we have managed to motivate and engage thousands of people to support the renovation of Greece's two largest children's hospitals; a key initiative of our Corporate Responsibility strategy. To date, we have renovated 40% of the hospitals and we continue with our ambitious project. I would like to congratulate everyone who joined the race and embraced our efforts. This is the best reward for us".

OPAP Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Odysseas Christoforou, stressed: "Once again, OPAP shows that it stands by the Greek society and economy in practice. We are very proud of the initiative we have taken, the renovation of the two pediatric hospitals "Aghia Sofia" and "Panagioti & Aglaias Kyriacou". Our work is ongoing. What is particularly moving for me today is the participation of the people. Our fellow citizens have embraced our action, and their contribution to our work increases year by year".

OPAP Chief Customer Officer, Petr Matejovsky, stated: "I am really pleased that OPAP has the opportunity, for the fourth consecutive year, to contribute to the reconstruction of the two pediatric hospitals in Greece. I'm even more pleased that over 200,000 people downloaded our application and generated more than 3.6 million euros for the reconstruction. It is an amazing day, a celebration, with people all around; it's fun, it's joy. So, I'm really pleased that we are all together in the same squad. The squad contributing to the good of the children".

OPAP's kiosk at the Sponsor's Village attracted thousands for yet another year. Crowds of people visited the kiosk and took pictures to increase the contribution to the two pediatric hospitals. For every photo taken, OPAP offered an additional 2 Euros to the renovation works. Athletes Thanasis Antetokounmpo and Kenny Gabriel of Panathinaikos Superfoods BC, Chinemelu Elonu and Nikos Rogavopoulos of AEK BC, as well as the Paralympic athlete Yiannis Costakis, also visited OPAP's kiosk.

Significant contribution to health

To date, OPAP has delivered 19 projects across a total area of 7,480 square meters, including 13 nursery units with a capacity of 280 beds. Thus, the image of the two pediatric hospitals has radically changed and a pleasant environment for the young patients has been created.


The works at the "Aghia Sofia" hospital

·         Two nursery units on the 5th floor, across a total area of 1,800 square meters with a capacity of 50 beds

·         An Increased Care Unit for newborn babies, with a capacity of 50 incubators 

·         A & B Orthopedic Unit on the 2nd floor, across a total area of 570 square meters with a capacity of 29 beds

·         Two 9-floor staircases

·         The central entrance on the 1st floor, across a total area of 345 square meters

·         A & B Surgery Units on the 2nd floor, across a total area of 560 square meters with a capacity of 32 beds

·         The corridor of the surgery section on the 2nd floor, across a total area of 180 square meters   

The works at the "Panagioti & Aglaias Kyriacou" hospital

·         A nursery Unit on the 3rd floor of the Α wing, across a total area of 550 square meters with a capacity of 30 beds

·         The central entrances of the ground floor and the 1st floor     

·         The central staircase

·         The waiting rooms

·         The new central elevator

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