OPAP Group Of Companies




Share Capital: € 1,710,000

The company was established in Cyprus on the 16th of October, 2002, as a limited liability company pursuant to the provisions of the law on companies, Chapter 113, with the name Glory Leisure Holdings Limited.

The company's registered office is at Quantum Building, Philippou and Kavalas corner, CY-2363 Aghios Dhometios, Nicosia, Cyprus, P.B. 22493, CY-1522 Nicosia, Cyprus.  

On the basis of an agreement (1-10-03), OPAP SA acquired 90% of the share capital of OPAP SPORTS LIMITED and on 10/7/2008 the remaining 10%.

OPAP SPORTS LIMITED is active in the field of fixed odds betting in Cyprus through its subsidiary companies. All its companies are holders of bet accepting licenses issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus.

The company has a network of 120 agencies, 102 of which are jointly owned with OPAP CYPRUS Ltd. The market percentage of the company on a pan-Cyprus level is estimated at approximately 30%. 

The company's share capital comes up to € 1,710,000 divided into 1,000,000 shares with a nominal value of € 1.71 each. 



Establishment: 14-08-2003

Registered office: 58 Lycavittou Str, Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus

The company was established in Cyprus on the 14th of August, 2003, as a limited liability company pursuant to the provisions of the law on companies, Chapter 113. The company's registered office is at 58 Lycavittou Str, Engomi, 2401 Nicosia. 

It is governed by Law 34 (III)/2003 which ratifies the agreement between the Hellenic Republic and the Republic of Cyprus for the organization, operation, holding and management terms of the games held by OPAP SA.  

The share capital comes up to € 1,700,000 divided into 1,700,000 shares with a nominal value of € 1 each. 



Establishment: 30-07-2004

Share Capital: € 20,000,000

OPAP SERVICES SA was established in Greece, in June 2004, by OPAP SA as its subsidiary owning 100% of the share capital.

Registered Office:     62 Kifisou Str. Peristeri

Branches:    25 Panepistimiou Str. Athens

                     9 Andrea Metaxa Str. Kato Kifissia 

                     Kavalas and 25Α Koleti Str. Thessaloniki

The company aims at providing a full range of support services for the business operations and needs of the parent company OPAP SA, the support and enhancement of the sales network, the organization of athletic and cultural activities, the distribution of material, and the management of facilities and technical projects.

A project of the company of significant importance is the formation of a single corporate image at the points of sale which is in progress.



Establishment: 24-02-2004

The company was established on the 24th February, 2004, with the title OPAP BET Limited and was converted into a limited liability company with the name OPAP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED on the 5th of May, 2004, pursuant to the provisions of the law on companies, Chapter 113. The company's registered office is at 58 Lycavittou Str, Engomi, 2401 Nicosia.

The company was established with the aim of coordinating and supporting the existing international investments of OPAP SA, the investigation of new investment opportunities, the introduction of new games, the upgrading of the existing ones and the transfer of know-how.

The company's share capital comes up to € 5,130,000, divided into 3,000,000 shares with a nominal value of  € 1.71 each.

On 24 September 2009, OPAP International signed an agreement with OPAP SA for the provision of consultant services for fixed odds betting and on 5 October 2009, the company set up a branch in Athens, with registered office at 94 Kyprou Ave, 12132 Peristeri. 

The company's main activity, carried out through its branch in Greece, is the provision of consultant services exclusively and wholly for the organisation of "PAME STOIXIMA". The services concern specifically the provision of support for the organisation of bets, the evaluation of betting products, the formation of odds, risk management, know-how transfer services, trading and info-casting.

The future aim of the company is to acquire all investments and business activities of OPAP SA outside Greece.



The company was established in Cyprus, as a limited liability company.

The company's registered office is at 59, Metochiou, Nicosia, Cyprus.

OPAP Investment Ltd. is a 100% OPAP S.A. subsidiary company and its share capital comes up to €200,000.

The company's statutory scope includes the organization, operation and management of instant tickets as well as fixed odds and/or mutual betting.


Payzone Hellas AE started its operations in Greece under the name Alphyra Hellas in March 2004.
Payzone introduced in Greece the sale of mobile phone Top-Up cards in receipt form printed locally on a POS terminal, managing to be a market leader.
The company manages around 10,000 terminals, installed nationwide in various types of retail outlets such as kiosks, convenience stores - mini markets, supermarkets, petrol stations, etc.
Over the years of its existence, Payzone Hellas constantly seeks to expand its range of products, which among other things includes products of all mobile operators - Vodafone, Wind, Cosmote -, the most prominent fixed-line products - Chronokarta & Allo (OTE ), Ya (Wind), Smartalk (Forthnet) -, internet time products, prepaid cards for secure monetary transactions via internet, etc.

Payzone introduced in Greece and provides through selected terminals of its network bill payment services for utility companies and other organizations having signed for that purpose bilateral contracts with DEI, CYTA, Wind, Hellas Online, NOVA, Forthnet and Ticket365.
It belongs to OPAP Group through OPAP INVESTMENT LTD, initially by 90% from November 2014 and by 100% since August 2015.



Share capital: € 8,750,000

Neurosoft SA was founded in 1994 and was the first company listed on the AIM Italia market of Milan, in 2009.  

With its registered office in Athens, Neurosoft has a multinational presence in Rumania, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

Neurosoft is a software company specialized in the design, production, adaptation and maintenance of integrated information systems for the three main business sectors in which it is active: Sports Betting & Gaming Analytics, Business Intelligence and Core Factoring, as well as in the provision of advanced information services for the Greek and International market. 

OPAP International LTD and OPAP Cyprus Limited, which wholly belong to OPAP SA, own 30% of the shares of Neurosoft SA in total.





The company was established in Cyprus on the 5th of December, 2002, as a limited liability company pursuant to the provisions of the law on companies, Chapter 113. The company's registered office is at 25 Philippou Str, Aghios Dhometios, Glory Building, Nicosia, Cyprus. 

The Company is run by Glory I.Technology Holdings Ltd and eventually Quantum Corporation Ltd.

The company's main scope of work is the provision of information services and the design, organization and development of spearhead technology systems in this field. It specializes in the field of fixed odds sports betting in Cyprus and it is the only Cypriot company audited and approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus on 3/11/2003 for the use of an integrated computerized solution in the field of FIX ODDS games in the Republic of Cyprus. 

The company also provides software and equipment (terminals, central management system etc) for on-line gambling games.

The company's share capital comes up to € 34.210,26 divided into 20,000 shares with a nominal value of € 1.71 each. 

The company is represented by the Board of Directors. One third (1/3) of the members of the Board of Directors is resigned at the General Shareholders' Assembly but they retain the right to be reelected. The members that resign are the ones with the biggest tenure period.

The company's personnel comprise 10 permanent and 3 temporary employees.

The company's prospects are positive taking into account the approval of the computerized system of gambling games by the Cypriot authorities and the successful application in Cyprus. Furthermore, the delivery of the computerized system to Uzbekistan for various types of games has been concluded. 

This development provides the company with the opportunity to gradually participate in the international market of providing services for gambling games and expand its sales by offering integrated computerized solutions and equipment. On the basis of the company's business plan, it is expected to conclude relevant contracts within the current fiscal year.

No agreements or co-operations exist between GLORY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED and OPAP SA.