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From April 7th, we have changed, for your convenience, the column value from 0,30€ to 0,25€ and now:

· You can make the most of your stakes to the last cent (e.g. you can play 1€, 2€, 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€ etc.)

· You can easily calculate the value of your slip (e.g. value=columns/4)

·  You have more financial options to participate in system bets (e.g. you can play a 3/4/5 system bet with 4€ instead of 4,80€)

· You can easily calculate the multiplier of your slip (e.g. assuming slip value of 5,00€ and with the new column value of 0,25€ the multiplier is 20)

The program of "Pame STOIHIMA" betting game is published every week according to the available sporting or non-sporting events, in the program one can find all the useful information (matches, dates and starting times, odds, advantages, minimum number of selections for each bet, betting guidelines and any other useful information) allowing you to place your own bet.

You select the events and the bets you want to place by entering your selections on the betting slip or by giving instructions toOPAP'S agent.

You can create a column including up to 15 events on a betting slip (up to 30 via terminals).

Each column can include different bets for events belonging to different sports (provided they are offered on the Program) however the combination of bets on the same events cannot be placed in the same column, unless otherwise stated on the Program.

A single column costs € 0,25.

Attention! The single column always costs € 0,25 independently on how many events you bet. It is very easy to increase your prospective winnings by using "Multipliers".


Basic Bets for most football games on the Program


The "Pame STOIXIMA" programs include a large number of football matches whose results you have to correctly predict (at full time or half time) by using the markers "1" - "X" - "2" which respectively signify: Home team win – Tie – Away team win.

In every competition you can make predictions by placing bets using simple columns or systems.

The minimum acceptable number of events on which you can make predictions as well as the specific guidelines (possible restrictions, special fields etc.) for every competition will be printed on the relevant Program.

For every event and marker there is a fixed odd set by OPAP S.A. according to the outcome probability of every marker based on the team's potential.

Let us assume that the match Sunderland – Liverpool has the following fixed odds


4,80 for marker "1"

3,25 for marker "Χ"

1,55 for marker "2"


If you select the marker "X" and it is verified, then your oddsare 3,25 for this specific event.

Regarding "Final Result", as you already know, in this particular bet it is possible to offer a handicap in goals for one out of the two teams. The handicap could be an integral or decimal number and in a decimal result there can be no "tied" result between the two teams.

A football match can be offered with or without handicap and different odds will be published for each case. Furthermore, if the match is offered with handicap all special bets and "Double Chance" are not allowed.

For Half Time – Final and Correct Result bets there are standard odds calculating tables. These tables will be at your disposal in the Agencies.

Special Bets can be placed on most matches. In football matches, apart from predicting the final score you can also bet on half time/full time result, first half result, correct result, total number of goals, under/over etc.

Double Chance:

There is the possibility to play double chance("1" and "X" or "1" and "2" or "X" and "2") in one or more events selected.

With the use of double chance you can cover more possibilities and thus have more chances to correctly predict the result of a match. Since this creates more than one column, your participation amount is increased.

In case you correctly predict all the results, only one of the double chance columns you created wins.

Your winnings are calculated if you multiply the value of the winning column (namely € 0,25) with the product of the odds of the markers it consists of. In case you have used a multiplier you should multiply the product of the odds with the multiplier in order to calculate the total winning amount of the betting slip.

In a simple game, one "double chance" generates 2 columns, two "doubles" generate 4 columns (namely 2 X 2) three "doubles" generate 8 columns (namely 2 X 2 X 2) and so on. You are allowed to mark up to 15 double chances on 15 selected events by betting slip and up to 30 selected events on the terminal.

The columns generated according to the number of double chances are given in the following table:



Numbers of Doubles

Numbers of Columns
































Filling the betting slip

Double chance:

In the final result the double chance variants (1X, 12, X2) that create more columns can be selected as individual markers with their own odds (("1 or Χ", "1 or 2", "Χ or 2"). In that case no other columns are generated.
In field B of the betting slip the code of the selected eventis entered.
E.g.: code 452


Final result:

This bet requires the accurate prediction of the final result of a match, using markers 1 – X – 2.
Marker "2" was enteredin this example.



Half time:

This bet requires the accurate prediction of the result at the half time of the match, using markers 1 – X – 2.
In this example marker "X" has been entered.


Half time – Final

This bet requires the prediction of the combination of both half time and full time results. There are 9 such combinations for each match.
In this example marker "X" has been entered for Half Time and "1" for Full Time.



Double Chance / Double Variant

To select a "Double Chance" apart from the selected markers you must also select indicator "D". If not, then the two markers are played as a "Double Variant"


Final Result with Handicap:

For a Final Result with Handicap bet you must also select indicator "P".

In this specific example marker "2" has been entered.



Correct Score:

In this bet you have to predict the correct score of a match e.g. 3-1. There are 36 such combinations for each match, covering any possible score.

For the match in this specific example an exact score of 2-0 has been entered. The 5+ indicates 5 goals and more.



Total goals:

In this bet you must predict the total number of goals scored in a football match. There are 4 options (0 to 1, 2 to 3, 4 to 6 and 7+) where 7+ indicates 7 and more goals.

In this specific example the "2 to 3" Total Goals marker has been entered.



Under – Over:

Under/Over bets require the prediction of the total number of goals scored in a match. Specifically, whether these will be under 2 or less (Under) or 3 and more (Over).

For the match in this example "O" (Over) is selected.



In this bet you are required to predict whether in a football match both teams will score, if only one team will score or none.

By marking the switch indicator  and one of the "1" or "0" markers in the Correct Score field for the home team, you chose whether both teams will score (GOAL), whether only one team will score or none (NO GOAL).


When "1" is selected it corresponds to the prediction "GOAL" and "0" corresponds to the prediction "NO GOAL".



Nested Portlets Nested Portlets

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