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From April 7th, we have changed, for your convenience, the column value from 0,30€ to 0,25€ and now:

·  You can make the most of your stakes to the last cent (e.g. you can play 1€, 2€, 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€ etc.)

·  You can easily calculate the value of your slip (e.g. value=columns/4)

·  You have more financial options to participate in system bets (e.g. you can play a 3/4/5 system bet with 4€ instead of 4,80€)

· You can easily calculate the multiplier of your slip (e.g. assuming slip value of 5,00€ and with the new column value of 0,25€ the multiplier is 20)


The program of "Pame STOIHIMA" includes a large number of basketball matches in which you are required to correctly predict the final result.

The odds coefficients depend on the length of the column and the type of bet unless it is offered individually for every part of the match.

In basketball matches the handicap is not integraland therefore the "X" marker is not generated and cannot be selected.


You can make predictions for up to 15 events (with the exception of special cases), selecting the ones you want to bet on, out of a number of events that could possibly differ from one published Program to the next.

The minimum acceptable number of events on which you can make predictions as well as the specific guidelines (possible restrictions, special units etc.) for every competition will be printed on the corresponding Program.

You are required to predict the outcome of basketball events (matches) using markers "1" or "2", where "1" stands for home team win and "2" for away team win.

Furthermore, the handicap for the home or away team will be announced and it will be applied in order to calculate the final outcome.


At a match the handicap spread for the away team is 10 points.

If the match ends 75-64 for the home team, the winning marker ("1" or "2") for this event is settled after the handicap spread is applied to the actual score. So, in this specific example, the score becomes 75-74 and the winning marker is "1".

In case the actual score is 75-70 for the home team, the result after the handicap spread is applied becomes 75-80, hence the winning marker is "2".


Filling the betting slip


On the program, each basketball match is characterized by a unique three-digit code.

You initially select the matches you want to bet on and the bet you want to place. The numbers of the games you can select, as well as details on bet combinations are described in the Program.

On the Single Betting Slip you enter the three-digit code of the match in field B and in field C your selection 1 or 2.


In field B of the Slip you enter the code of the event, e.g. 721

In field C marker "2" is selected.

In basketball bets there is no Double Chance. Apart from single bets you can also place a system bet, by marking the respective indicators in the systems line. If you also choose to bet on standards, these are calculated in the specific systems, e.g. if you have selected five matches and two of them are standards, then you can go opt for systems from 1 to 3. Furthermore, if the specific rules mentioned in the Program apply, you can opt for System "0".

The value of each column is € 0,25. You can however increase your stakes and your winnings by using multipliers.

The winnings for each column are calculated by multiplying the odds of the column by its value and the multipliers when these are used.

HANDICAP: In all games where a handicap spread is applied, it is applied on the actual score in favour of one of the two teams. The spread is never integral (e.g. team XXX receives a 5.5 points handicap on the actual score). The winning marker is settled after the handicap spread is applied to the relative results.

Along with the previously mentioned bets, on selected matches new types of bets are also offered (half time/full time result, under/over etc.) as well as seasonal/divisional bets such as the following (indicative list):

·         Basketball Tournament Winner

·         Participant teams at the Finals of Basketball Tournament

·         Best Scorer of Basketball Tournament

·         Winner of Basketball Tournament Group

Nested Portlets Nested Portlets

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