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OPAP S.A. introduced fixed odds betting games in Greece in 2000 with great success.

Betting games were already greatly enjoyed by punters in many countries, starting with the United Kingdom at the turn of the previous century, and gradually expanded to other countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Canada etc.

By voting Law 2433/96, the Greek Parliament created the required legal framework and conditions for the organization of "Betting Games" with fixed and variable odds in Greece. The responsibility for their conduct was awarded solely to OPAP S.A. that already operates PROPO, LOTTO, PROPOGOAL, JOCKER, SUPER3, EXTRA5 and KINO.

With the operation of "Betting Games", OPAP S.A.'s revenues and earnings increased drastically.

OPAP S.A.'s licensing of "Betting Games" based on the proper legal framework was the State's answer to:

·         The large currency outflow to the seats of foreign companies conducting illegal betting in Greece

·         Tax evasion,illegal activities and illicit enrichment due to uncollected taxes on the winnings paid by these companies to the players.

·         The reduction of State revenuesfrom OPAP S.A. operated games

Furthermore, the same law made the conduct, operation, promotion and advertisement of illegal betting a criminal offence, incurring a prison sentence and pecuniary fine. The responsibility for the prosecution of persons involved in illegal betting and tax evasion rests with the prosecuting authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Finance.

According to its statute and the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, OPAP S.A. operates in favor of the public interest and distributes part of its proceeds to support mainly sports and cultural activities and the community.


Bets, in various forms, were placed already from antiquity. Even then, man's effort to "play" with the odds became a form of entertainment and was turned into a game.

Today, betting games constitute a large part of the games of chance industry globally and are very popular in Europe, where some countries have been operating large scale betting games with great success already since the last century (UK, France).

Betting games in Greece were launched under the umbrella brand name of "PAME STOIHIMA". According to the provisions of law in force, these may include team and individual sport events (such as Football, Basketball, Tennis, Car races etc.) or non-athletic events whose nature however allows the wager of bets.

"PAME STOIHIMA" is an exciting game and presents the following unique characteristics:

·         Predefined winnings (you know the winnings beforehand since they do not depend on the pool fund of the game or the number of winners)

·         Variety of choices allowing players to create their "own" game

·         In their online versions they allow for everyday participation, another very important characteristic.


OPAP S.A. has:

·         A widespread distribution network in Greece, which includes 3.500 points of sale (agencies)

·         The necessary processing infrastructure

·         A well organized logistics network catering to the needs of its agencies

·         A longstanding experience, credibility and prestige in the field of lucky games operation

·         Is in a position that allows the protection of both the players and the public interest

·         Does not operate bets that could result in social upheaval or insult the moral and public order

The general and specific framework regulating the conduct of the games, the basic operation rules and definition of main notions are described in the Rules and Regulations for the Organization, Operation and Conduct of Fixed Odds Betting Games by OPAP S.A., which was published in Gov. Gazette B' 1590/2008.


OPAP S.A. conducts "Betting Games" competitions in specific time periods with a predefined time length. The Program is published in print and sent to all points of sale (agencies) as well as uploaded to teletext pages and relevant Internet websites. The Program includes all the necessary information on the events (odds, starting date and time, the required rules for every betting event etc.).

To inform players, state-of-the-art information technology and telecommunication tools are also used, such as TELETEXT, INTERNET and the online connection of agencies with OPAP S.A.


OPAP S.A., given its credibility and in combination with its longstanding experience, protects players from being deceived by illegal gambling organizers and bookmakers (non payment of winnings etc.).

Upon prize claiming, OPAP S.A. withholds the corresponding tax according to the provisions of law in force and attributes it to the Greek State.

The unified play slip is adapted to the needs of the Greek market and requirements of the players and offers them great flexibility.



"PAME STOIHIMA" offers you three great possibilities…

You know how much you will win

Odds are fixed, so at the moment you submit your predictions and place your bet you know exactly how much money you'll win if your predictions are correct. You don't have to share your earnings with other players.

You choose the events

"PAME STOIHIMA" allows you to choose the events you want to bet on, out of all the events offered on the Program, and create your own game.

You can play everyday

Every day you can wager on the ongoing betting games. This is yet another advantage of "Pame STOIHIMA". As you very well know, things change constantly and it's very important to choose for yourself the moment you will submit your play slip.

"Pame STOIHIMA" gives you the chance to win by predicting the results in sporting or non-sporting events whose nature allows betting.

"Pame STOIHIMA" is easy, fun and offers substantial winnings. You have the opportunity to fully exploit your knowledge and choose for yourself how to increase your chances to be successful and win prizes.

Every day there is a different competition including sporting events on which you can place bets!!!

Visit the greatest championships and international events by playing "Pame STOIHIMA" in OPAP S.A. agencies.

"Pame STOIHIMA" with football matches

From Friday to Monday the Program includes football matches from the National Championships of England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Greece, France, Argentina, Brazil and other countries. From Tuesday to Thursday the Program includes matches from the most important European Championships and Cups, as well as other important matches taking place mid-week.

"Pame STOIHIMA" with basketball matches

Every week, the biggest basketball championships "play" in the Program of "Pame STOIHIMA". National competitions from Greece, Spain, Italy, France Germany, the big European club competitions and the magic world of NBA are included.


"Pame STOIHIMA" with even more sports events!

·         The very popular world car racing championships (Formula) and motorcycle racing are included so as to allow motorized sports fans to test their mettle!!!

·         The big duels in men and women's tennis during big tournaments!

·          Interesting events in individual or team Track and Field sports.

"Pame STOIHIMA" with non-sporting events!

·         Bets can also be placed on non-sporting events, such as the European Song Contest, the Oscars etc., at the time they are held.


In"Pame STOIHIMA" you can also predict:

·         The seasonal winner in the biggest national football and basketball championships.

·         Group winners as well as the final champion of the European football and basketball championship and cup

·         The winners in every qualifying round in European tournaments as well as

·         The winner of the European and World Football Cup etc.




Betting Game

A game on sporting or non-sporting events, which is available on certain periods or for a specific time period.


Sporting or non-sporting events open for wagers in betting game competitions


The numerical coefficient set by OPAP S.A. for each individual event marker or result.

Play slip or Entry

Special printed play slip or entry with electronic mode


Entry validated either in print or electronically processed


Every game that includes a number of events and lasts for a specific time period.


The program for each competition, which includes betting events, initial odds and other useful information for players.


Possible result of the event, according to the terms of each betting event.


An event that must be included in all required columns of a betting system.


Selection of required events and a marker for each event.


Codified columns generation, in which the selected events form columns that include a specific number of required matches/events



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