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General Terms


General Participation Terms

·         Participation in Fixed Odds Betting Games is free for all persons over 18 years old, under the condition of absolute and unreserved acceptance of the regulatory framework in force, the Regulations for the Organization, Operation and Conduct of Fixed Odds Betting Games by OPAP S.A as well as the special terms and conditions as those are defined every time by OPAP S.A.

·         The time of conduct of Fixed Odds Betting Games offered in the Program starts with the activation of the processing of bets offered in the Program by the Central Processing Information System of OPAP S.A. and ends at the start of the last in time event included in the Program.

·         Bets are accepted within the timeframe of the Program and up until the starting date and time, as it is recorded on the Central Processing Information System of OPAP S.A., of the first in time event out of all the events selected by the player.

·         Participation in Fixed Odds Betting Games takes place in OPAP S.A. authorized points of sale (network), which are connected to the Central Processing Information System of OPAP S.A. to allow real time transactions (online connection). Participation in the games takes place with the sole responsibility of players with the use of either special play slips that are specifically provided for this purpose by OPAP S.A., or electronically with a direct entry and processing of their predictions in the special terminals and the issuance of a valid receipt in both cases.

·         OPAP S.A. retains the right at any time to accept or refuse any bet, without any obligation to explain its decision.

·         Upon prize claim, OPAP S.A. directly withholds the corresponding taxes, according to the relative provisions of law in force.

·         The maximum wager per game or bet combination or combinations is an amount equal to 20.000 columns.

·         The cancellation of a bet requires the player to produce a valid ticket and if all cancellation requirements, as they are defined by OPAP S.A. are met, then it can be processed within five (5) minutes since the validation of the ticket or in less than five (5) minutes if the remaining time until the tart of the first selected event by the player starts in less than five (5) minutes. Cancellation is always performed using the same method as the one used for the validation of the ticket and under the condition that none of the events selected by the player has started. During cancellation all the columns included in the ticket are cancelled and the wager is returned to the player.

·         The maximum payable winning per participation, regarding either one or multiple combinations is set at the amount of one million euros (€1.000.000) unless otherwise specified and mentioned in the Program, in relation to specific betting types or groups of events. If it is proved that a player or groups of players placed bets in the same or different OPAP S.A. agencies aiming at bypassing the bet acceptance special procedure as it is defined in the Regulations for the Organization, Operation and Conduct of Fixed Odds Betting Games, then OPAP S.A has the right in that case to set as a total sum of winnings the aforementioned amount for all winning tickets.

·         Correct predictions on all events included in the Program and conducted according to the provisions and official rules and regulations governing it, are verified by the official results published under the care of OPAP S.A. at its points of sale.

·         Prizes are payable to the holder of a winning ticket. In case of loss of a winning ticket the player is not entitled to prize money or other form of compensation.

·         Prizes are paid either by authorized OPAP S.A. points of sale, or by authorized Banks following procedures set by OPAP S.A.

·         Earnings corresponding to winning columns are payable only after all the events selected by the player are completed, and the relative entry has been verified by the Central Processing Information System of OPAP S.A.

·         For the payment of prizes or the return of the amount paid for the columns the presentation of a valid ticket is required.

·         OPAP S.A. has the right to block the payment of a prize in special occasions if it appears that the person claiming the prize is not indeed the rightful owner of the ticket. Cases of loss or theft of ticket are mentioned indicatively but not exhaustively.

·         Tickets who are destroyed or altered or in any other case cannot be validated and retrieved from the Central Processing System are not valid and are not entitled to any prizes or any other claim for compensation by OPAP S.A.

·         After a period of three (3) months from the draw of the winning numbers any prize claim is void.

·         Within a period of six (6) days from the processing of the results of all the events on the Program, any interested party may submit an objection to OPAP S.A.

·         If OPAP S.A. considers that there are grounds to believe that any person or persons acted in order to influence the result of an event, violating the rules and regulations governing such events, or if there are indications that lead to disputing the credibility of the results of an event, then OPAP S.A. has the right to revoke the payment of prizes.

·         In any case, the data of the entries processed and saved by the Central Processing Information System constitute the only proof for the recognition of a win and in case of a dispute they prevail over other data. The ticket can also serve as a proof of the amount to be paid in case of a win only when it absolutely agrees with the processed and saved data.

·         A receipt for the collection of winnings as defined by OPAP S.A is a receipt printed either by the terminal or a bank receipt or OPAP S.A. upon payment of the winnings.

·         A play slip is used only for the purpose of marking the player's predictions and entering them into the Central Processing Information System and under no circumstances can it be considered a valid ticket.

The above are a summary presentation of the Betting Games Rules and Regulations.

In any case, interested parties are advised to visit the relevant webpage (Legal Framework) for the full text.

Nested Portlets Nested Portlets

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