Joker experience becomes more fun because now you are able to play the game with friends, family or even colleagues!

Joker offers you the possibility to participate in the game by playing a group slip with your friends. A group slip may regard 2 to 25 persons. The value of the group slip is equally shared according to the number of persons participating in it. The tickets issued are considered independent entries and they are handed out to the participants, who, in case of a win, collect their winnings separately. The sole requirement is for the quotient, when dividing the group slip's columns by the number of the participants, to be an integer.



4 simple steps

1. Visit an OPAP agency with your friends

2. Fill in a Joker slip with the numbers of your choice

3. Submit your slip, stating that it is GROUP PLAY

4. Distribute the tickets among you. Each player keeps his/her own ticket.



  • You increase the slip columns.
    Through the group play, you join forces with friends. So the more players participate the higher amount of slip columns played in the ticket.
  • You share the cost.
    When participating in a group slip, the cost is equally shared among the participants. For example, if 5 persons have decided to play a group slip of 20 columns, of a €10 value, then each one of them will pay €2.
  • You collect your winnings separately.
    In case your group slip wins, the tickets are redeemed separately. Each player collects the respective amount simply by submitting his/her own ticket at the time of his/her choice.
  • You have fun with your friends.
    Group play is always more fun, don’t you think?