OPAP supports the humanitarian work of the Hellenic Red Cross for Ukraine


In this extremely difficult time for Ukraine, OPAP stands beside the people affected, by contributing to the significant humanitarian initiative of the Hellenic Red Cross.

Specifically, OPAP immediately proceeds with the delivery of a financial donation to the Greek chapter of the Red Cross, supporting the international organization’s work for the management of the major humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.
OPAP’s contribution will be directed to supporting the tremendous efforts of the Ukrainian Red Cross, to aid those affected across the country and effectively cover the needs that emerge during the management of this crisis. 

The President of the Hellenic Red Cross, Dr. Antonios Avgerinos, said: “From the very first moment that the tragic events in Ukraine broke out, the Hellenic Red Cross has addressed a call to private parties for solidarity to the people of the country, who are undergoing a major test. We would like to warmly thank OPAP for its immediate humanitarian, altruistic and touching response when it comes to contributing to our work, in this extremely difficult moment”. 
OPAP invites everyone wishing to financially contribute to the work for the Red Cross, to make their donation to the following bank account:

Beneficiary: Hellenic Red Cross
Bank Account Number: 0026.0240.30.0201205013
IBAN: GR2602602400000300201205013

All deposits must carry the annotation “Ukraine”. For more information, everyone interested may contact the Hellenic Red Cross, on 210 3609825 and 210 3611425.