Countless Cash!

With 13 winning categories & 
winnings from €10.000.000€ up to €120,000,000!

2 draws... 2 chances to win!

Tickets submission the days of the draw until 19:00!

Fast & Easy!

With just one visit at any OPAP store 
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The biggest European lottery came to Greece!

2 draws per week… 19 countries from all over Europe… winnings up to €120.000.000!
This is EUROJACKPOT, and from the 6th of March Greece has joined in.

Ηow to participate? For a simple column (5+2) just fill in 5 numbers (from 1 to 50) and 2 additional numbers (from 1 to 12).

But the fun doesn't stop there… EUROJACKPOT offers various options, including full & standard Systems,
consecutive draws, and group play!
Countless cash awaits you every Tuesday & Friday exclusively at OPAP stores!

EUROJACKPOT exclusively at OPAP stores and via opapstore app!

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Everything sounds possible with the most unlikely winnings!

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