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You can check the winnings and prices of your coupons, without the need of any installation on your device.

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Find Winnings

Find your winnings by entering the data on your ticket as it has been processed by OPAP S.A.'s mainframe by clicking "Check winnings" above.

Alternatively, you may proceed to search for potential winnings based on the prognostics you entered by using the following link:

Find winnings based on ticket prognostics.(Only in greek)


Finally, in order to Find Winnings and Generate Tickets, you may use the "Autonomous Sorting Program", which may be downloaded on your computer. To download and install the program click on the following link:

Autonomous Sorting Program.(Only in Greek)


It must be noted that only OPAP agencies' terminals, according to the terms and conditions of each game, perform the validation of correctly processed play slips and of winning tickets and winnings.

The use of this application does not substitute agency terminals; its purpose is to familiarize players with filling in the slips and informing them on their potential successes and winnings. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement please send them to