What is the scope of the application?

This mobile application aims to inform visitors - users about OPAP S.A.’s games. In particular, it enables users to check previous KINO, TZOKER, LOTTO, EXTRA5, SUPER3 and PROTO draws as well as to complete a virtual slip, which through a QR code, can be then easily validated at any OPAP store. Especially for KINO, it enables the user to watch all the draws live. For PAME STOIXIMA, the coupon and the LIVE calendar are offered. Regarding SCRATCH, all versions of instant lottery will be provided. The application allows the user, by scanning the barcode of the slip, to be informed about the results and possible winnings about KINO, TZOKER, LOTTO, EXTRA5, SUPER3, PROTO, PAME STOIXIMA and SCRATCH. Finally, smart alerts allow a constant update of the users and location of the nearest OPAP store.

  Do I have to pay?

This application is provided to visitors – users for free, without any charge, by OPAP S.A. The only fee charged to the visitor-user is the data usage cost of each mobile operator, and concerns the details of the agreement between the user and the respective provider.

  Why live KINO draws are different from HORIZON draws?

Regarding live KINO draws, it is noted that OPAP S.A. has all the necessary technical means and shall take all appropriate measures to ensure an error-free operation of the application. In case of draw delay or any other issue concerning draw results, the company bears no responsibility for any damage that may be caused by or in any way connected with the direct or indirect use of the application. The problem may be due to low coverage of the mobile network provider.

  Why can’t I locate my nearest OPAP store?

In order to find the nearest OPAP store, location services (GPS) must be enabled through the mobile settings. Based on the user's current location, 30 nearest stores appear. Therefore you can’t view any information about stores located further from the 30 nearest to you.

  Can I play through this application?

No. You can’t play through this application. We currently support the player and give the opportunity to create "virtual" slips and play them to the nearest OPAP store, by scanning the QR code.

  In which cases push notifications are sent?

Once you've selected "Check winnings" and have scanned a slip, of the supported games, you will be notified (if you win) through a smart message on your mobile. Especially for Pame Stoixima, there will be a check three times a day, so you can be informed with a relative delay.

  I won! Why don’t I receive any push notification?

To be notified via push notifications, you must have an active data connection and have enabled it through your iOS settings. On Android, you should tick "Notifications” on My account settings.

  How can I change language?

On iOS, you must go to application settings and change language from there. On Android, through My account settings you can change language (Greek or English).

  I lost my slip. Can I claim my winnings to an OPAP store by showing my scanned or saved mobile app slips?

Winning slips, stored in the application, can’t be used as evidence to claim profits, without displaying the original printed slip.

  How do I find digital "Pame Stoixima" coupon through OPAPP application?

In order to find digital "Pame Stoixima" coupon through OPAPP application, first touch Pame Stoixima logo. Then touch “PLAY NOW” on the upper side of the screen, In this section you can find all available events per sport and day. Additionally, you can find all available markets with their odds.

  How do I create my digital Pame Stoixima coupon through OPAPP application?

In order to create your own digital Pame Stoixima coupon and add your favorite leagues, visit Pame Stoixima section through OPAPP application and touch “PLAY NOW”. Select country, league or tournament by touching the corresponding star template from the menu on the top right of the screen. Your selections are stored on your “FAVORITES” list. By touching the menu you return to the main screen where you choose “FAVORITES” on the bottom right of the screen. There you can find a list with all country leagues you selected

  How can I create my “Pame Stoixima” slip through OPAPP application?

Since you have entered Pame Stoixima coupon, you find all available markets for each event. By touching the odd you are interested in, you add the corresponding selection to your slip. In order to see all available odds in a group, touch the event and you will be navigated to the internal screen of the event where you will find all available odds. In order to see your betting selections touch “BETSLIP” on the bottom left of your screen, select a single or a system bet by setting bankers and multipliers and press “SAVE SLIP”. Your slip has been created and has been saved as a QR code. Scan the code you created on the nearest OPAP.

  What do I find in “Live Event Program” of Pame Stoixima section?

By selecting “SEE THE COUPON” through OPAPP’s “Live Event Program” of Pame Stoixima section you see the coupon as it is in OPAP’s site http://praktoreio.pamestoixima.gr/el/retail-betting#r/188-188. By selecting day on the bottom of the screen, you find which events are available for live betting during the following days. In case you want to find digital Pame Stoixima coupon and navigate through a mobile phone or tablet follow the steps in question 1.

  What do I find in “Live Events in Progress” of Pame Stoixima section?

By selecting “Live Events in Progress” of Pame Stoixima you find all sport events for football, basketball and tennis (that are in in progress) with corresponding odds and special bets.

  Where do I find specific instructions on how to create my Pame Stoixima coupon through OPAPP application?

If you want to learn how to create your own Pame Stoixima coupon through OPAPP application, navigate on Pame Stoixima display screen of OPAPP. Then touch “HOW TO PLAY” at the bottom of the screen. Here you can find information for every section by navigating on the screens of this guide.

  How do I get informed about odd updates since I have created a Pame Stoixima slip through OPAPP?

Since you have created a Pame Stoixima slip through OPAPP, your slip is automatically stored. By entering the home screen of OPAPP you find your slip on the upper right position of the screen. Touch the account template and then touch “Saved Tickets”. When you select “Save as a QR code”, just before you scan the new code you created on the nearest OPAP store, all updated odds will be displayed in color.