Frequently Asked Questions

The belief that JOKER increases its distributed winnings during Christmas time goes back to the history of the game: JOKER used to increase the amount to be distributed during Christmas time, until 2012. This increase was due to the fact that part of the undistributed winnings of the year was allocated as promotional action through JOKER. This was the case because, until 2012, per the provisions of P.D. 7/97, OPAP S.A. had to fully distribute the amounts of winning tickets which were never collected by players. These undistributed amounts were attributed, after the end of each fiscal year, in the very next fiscal year, either in the form of promotional actions (e.g. gifts), or by additionally subsidizing selected draws, such as the ones of Christmas and of New Year's Day. As of 01/01/2013, pursuant to a GGI, OPAP S.A. pays the undistributed amounts to the State. Due to the aforementioned promotional actions, people would see a steep rise in the amounts distributed by the game during Christmas time, thus perceiving such amounts as "big JACPOTS during holidays". However, the actual reason was this promotional action.