What is Jackpot?

Mystery Jackpot shall mean the Jackpot attributed by the games management system to the player, who will make the progressive Jackpot meter reach or exceed the "mystery value" between the minimum and maximum limit of the Jackpot, which has been created through the certified Random Number Generator.

What is the mechanism of PLAY games?

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is at the heart of PLAY games. It constantly generates thousands of combinations, even when no one plays. Warn you press the button to play, the Random Number Generator stops and generates a number. It does not matter whether you press it now or in a week or in a month, since the outcome will always be different. There are no plans or repeated cycles and there is no way you can predict the outcome of a PLAY game. Even the images change, only for display reasons, since the game is controlled by the Random Number Generator.

When you play PLAY games, it is important to keep in mind the following:

  • No skills are required.
  • The chances are always the same, regardless of the amount you enter.
  • The chances of winning are not increased based on the time you spend playing.

Where can you find us?

At PLAY stores all over Greece, as well as at selected agencies.

How are winnings of PLAY stores taxed?

The winnings paid or credited to the player upon the end of the session are subject to a tax per session, after the deduction of the untaxed amount of one hundred (100) EUR, having a coefficient of fifteen percent (15%) for winnings up to five hundred (500) EUR and a coefficient of twenty percent (20%) for winnings from five hundred point zero one (500.01) EUR and above.

What is Bonus? What are Mystery Spins and Free Spins?

Bonus: Prizes offered by the game during a game cycle, which indicatively include Free Games or Mystery Games.

Mystery Spins: A sequence of games activated during the game cycle, which requires to bet the minimum wager per game.

Free spins: A sequence of games activated during the game cycle, which does not require any bet.

Which is the maximum and minimum bet?

The maximum bet is 2 EUR and the minimum one is 0.10 EUR.

Which is the maximum amount that someone can win in PLAY stores?

The maximum amount that someone can win in PLAY stores is 5,000 EUR, which can reach up to 50,000 EUR with a Jackpot.

What are the operating hours of PLAY stores?

The operating hours of PLAY stores are the following:

  • Sunday to Thursday, from 10:00 am to 02:00 am (of the next day)
  • Friday and Saturday, from 10:00 am to 4:00 am (of the next day)

Moreover, there are PLAY stores operating 24 hours a day, which you can find by contacting the call center at 210 579 8888.

What is the process for a PLAY store license?

If you are interested in receiving more information concerning the acquisition of a PLAY store license, please express your interest in link Expression of interest.


Where can you submit a Complaint form for PLAY Games?

Use the following form if you wish to submit a complaint towards OPAP S.A. regarding PLAY GAMES. Customer Complaint form PLAY Games (Greek version only)