Finding Winnings on Playslips

Finding winnings based on playslip's details, as they have been registered in the central system of OPAP S.A. can be activated by selecting "Find Winnings" which appears on the right­hand image.

Alternatively, you may search for potential winnings based on forecasts which you can register by using the following link:

Finally, for Finding Winnings and Constructing Playslips you may use the "Autonomous Selection Program" which you can install on your computer. Program "downloader" as well as setup instructions can be found on the following link.

It must be mentioned that verification of proper filling­in of the playslips, as well as finding winnings can be done exclusively through betting shops' terminal machines, according to each game's rules of participation. Using the application does not substitute betting shops' terminal machines and only serves as a means to getting familiar with filling in your playslips and informing you regarding correctly guessed numbers and winnings. You can send your comments or suggestions for improving our services through e­mail at

opapp application

Don't forget that you can download OPAPP application on your tablet or smartphone to stay in touch with every draw's results at any moment!