Specifically, article 79 of L. 4764/ 2020 (FEK Α’ 256/ 23.12.2020) amends paragraph 2 of article 60 of L. 2961/ 2001 (FEK A’ 266) and changes the method of winnings’ taxation as well as relevant taxation brackets to be applied. The new provision will come into force from July 12th 2021 onwards, in accordance with article 155 of L 4808/ 2021 (FEK Α’ 101/ 19.06.2021).
New taxation method
The taxation will now be imposed on the winnings per ticket - not per column as currently in force - and more specifically, on the net ticket winnings, which derive after the subtraction of the ticket cost from the ticket winnings.
Note: A ticket means one or more bets submitted by a player at the same time point. The ticket includes all bet options for each game individually, i.e. KINO BONUS and KINO ODDS-EVENS options on the same ticket, which are submitted at the same time.
Furthermore, the ticket will be subject to the following new taxation brackets:

Ticket’s Winnings Tax percentage %
0,00 € to 100,00 € 0,0%
100,01 € to 200,00 € 2,5%
200,01 € to 500,00 € 5,0%
500,01 € and more 7,5%

Therefore, the winnings generated from all of a player's selections - multipliers, full systems, standardized systems, consecutive/ future draws, different game types - will be added up and taxed in their entirety.
A KINO ticket of €10 of value, with a multiplier of 2 for ten (10) consecutive draws, wins €1.000 in total (ticket winnings) from different draws.
The ticket's net winnings amount to €990 (subtracting the ticket value from the ticket winnings €1.000 - €10 = €990).
According to the previously mentioned table, the tax will be calculated as follows:

Winnings Taxation Tax Calculation method
0,00€ to 100,00€ 0€ The first €100 of the ticket's net winnings are not subject to taxation
100,01€ to 200,00€ 2,50€ 2,5% tax on €100 net ticket winnings €100 Χ 2,5% = €2,50
200,01€ to 500,00€ 15,00€ 5% tax on €300 net ticket winnings €300 Χ 5% = €15,00
500,01€ to 990€ 36,75€ 7,5% tax on €490 net ticket winnings €490 Χ 7,5% = €36,75 
Total Tax 54,25€ 0€ + 2,50€ + 15,00€ + 36,75 = 54,25€

The player's net winning amounts to €935,75 as follows:

€1.000 (ticket winnings) – €54,25 (total tax) – 10 (ticket value) = €935,75


Applying the winning’s taxation
Winnings’ taxation will be carried out upon their redeeming, either in cash or with the issuance of a Payment Order to the Bank.
Those tickets that will be redeemed as of Monday, 12 July 2021, onwards will be subject to the new taxation method, regardless of the fact that they may include winnings accrued prior to the previously mentioned date.
Taxation on tickets that participate in multiple draws
As to those tickets that participate in multiple draws, the winnings’ tax will be imposed on the total winnings of the draws in which each ticket participates and wins.
However, as currently in force, players may collect their winnings by instalments (except for PAME STOIXIMA VIRTUAL SPORTS tickets) for one or more winning draws, without having to wait for all draws to be conducted. In such a case, the tax will be automatically calculated and withheld by instalments, so that the final tax matches the case where the player would collect all of their winnings at the end, i.e. following the conduct of all draws.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this case, the winnings of these specific draws are excluded from the calculation of future payments. Games PAME STOIXIMA, PAME STOIXIMA VIRTUAL SPORTS and PAME STOIXIMA Racing and POWERSPIN are excluded.

For winnings to be paid until Sunday 11 July, the old winnings’ taxation, namely per column, and the existing scale will apply.

For winnings to be paid as of Monday 12 July and then on, the new winnings’ taxation, namely on the net winnings per ticket, and the new scale will apply However, as value of the ticket to be deducted from the winnings of the ticket in order for the net winnings to be calculated and the taxation on it to apply, the cost having been paid following the last draw will be calculated. Any preceding payments will not be taken into account in the entirety of the winnings.

Regarding games PAME STOIXIMA, PAME STOIXIMA VIRTUAL SPORTS, PAME STOIXIMA greyhound races and POWERSPIN, the taxation will be calculated once more per column and based on the new scale.

Regarding number games (e.g. KINO, TZOKER etc.), the tax will be once more calculated per ticket and based on the new scale

In case of choosing more than one (1) matches [e.g. the next five (5) matches], the system will print one (1) ticket. Moreover, in case of such a ticket, the player will be able to choose only one (1) market per match.

The calculation of the tax will be conducted on the entirety of the tickets and then it will be divided, on equal amounts, to each one (1) of the parts.

The tax is calculated upon issuance of order and receipt of ticket by the player.