Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The inspiration for the name of PROTO, were the names of 2 other OPAP games, as it got "PRO" from PROPO and "TO" from LOTTO.

Yes. You can play either on or by downloading OPAP Online application.

According to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, the publication of any details regarding the big winner, without the said person's consent, is not allowed. Respecting our players’ rights, we don’t disclose any details relating to the big winner.

You may send any complaints via email at or you can contact us by phone on 18280. 

Draw Process

Yes. Live draws can be watched by anyone interested (contact us at least 1 day in advance, on 210 5798888).


Winnings are paid either through OPAP stores, after presenting the winning ticket, or by authorized banks, following the procedures established by OPAP S.A.

Note: Tickets who are lost, destroyed, altered or in any other case, cannot be validated and retrieved from the Central Processing System, are not valid and are not entitled to any prizes or any other claim for compensation by OPAP S.A.

The submission process can be completed through our website. For more information you can visit 

There is a progressive tax applying to the winnings of each slip per draw*, according to the following tax scale:

• winnings up to 100€ - Tax-free 
• winnings: 100,01€ to 200€ - Tax rate: 2,5% (on the amount exceeding 100€)
• winnings: 200,01€ to 500€ - Tax rate: 5,0% (on the amount exceeding 200€)
• winnings: 500,01€ to 2.500€ - Tax rate: 10,0% (on the amount exceeding 500€)
• winnings over 2.500€ - Tax rate: 20,0% (on the amount exceeding 2.500€)

*Regardless of the number of draws each slip participates in, the tax applies on the net winnings resulting from each draw separately, after subtracting the cost of the slip for the corresponding draw respectively.

Note: After a period of 3 months from the winning column draw, any prize claim is void.