A new type of betting games that aim at offering a new entertainment experience to players is launched by OPAP S.A. in Playzone, the specially designed spaces inside agencies.



Experience Monitor Games

On your marks! Set? Go with the brand new Monitor Games, the new betting games by OPAP S.A! Fast, dynamic, exciting games you can watch live on the screens in OPAP agencies.


Greyhound races giving you an adrenaline rush!

One of the most impressive sports with a longstanding history abroad is finally offered on your agency's screen with Monitor Games. Real or virtual greyhound races with specially trained greyhounds are broadcasted live from the biggest racecourses abroad. You can bet all day long picking winners from a greyhound race program that starts in the morning and finishes at night!


So simple and fast!


Live greyhound race representation


Virtual greyhound race representation



Different odds are offered for each Bet type according to the special abilities of every runner. The odds offered on the runner that finishes in 1st position (bet type – Winner), define the odds on all other bet types.

In live greyhound races, the odds offered for the Winner will only be available via Monitor Games screens for just a few minutes before the race and may be subject to changes until the start of the race.

In virtual races the odds offered for the Winner are presented in the Program and appear on Monitor Games screens a few minutes only before the start of the race.

Virtual Greyhound races are in fact a graphic or digital representation of a draw from a certified electronic lottery machine.


Both on agency screens as well as on printed material, live races are color coded with red, whereas virtual races are coded with blue.



Event projection screen

Next races

Ongoing race information 

Previous race information




Event projection screen

Next races

Ongoing race information

Previous race information




The player's participation in the virtual and live greyhound racings takes place:

·for the currently offered greyhound racing broadcasted on the retailer's screen

·for a greyhound racing other than the current one (all betting types applied)

·for consecutive virtual greyhound racings and

·for "Paroli" on the WINNER


You can find the weekly summary program in your agency or on other media; it includes all greyhound races of the week, as well as a detailed daily schedule that includes useful information on every race and the runners.

The player selects the meeting, race code, runners and the offered bet types: Winner, Each way, Forecast, Tricast, and Triple.




To participate you must fill in the Greyhound race betting slip or give oral instructions to your agent and get a ticket receipt. For instructions on how to fill in the betting slip you may visit OPAP S.A.'s website and search for the player's handbook, which gives detailed instructions and examples on how to play or you may ask your agent.


Column price

The minimum participation is one column costing €0,30, which includes the minimum number of runners required for any bet type. For an "Each way" bet minimum participation is €0,60 since two columns are generated. You may increase your stakes by using multipliers.



The new Greyhound race games are very exciting and have a long history abroad.

Greyhound racing is very popular in countries such as the United States and Great Britain, which have a great tradition in this specific field.

In the United States the first games took place in 1919 and the first racecourse opened in Emeryville, California. Today it is the 6th most popular sport in the country.

In Britain, greyhound races are more popular that anywhere else. A testament to that is that by 1927, just one year after the introduction of the races in the country, 40 racecourses were already open. Today the sport continues to be as successful, and attendants, especially in important races, can reach up to 100.000.

It is said that this sport may have roots in ancient Greece, as our ancestors loved hounds passionately and especially greyhounds, or rather a similar breed. Besides, the word Greyhound may derive, according to scholars, from a paraphrase of the word Graecus, graecian->Greek. Many antique authors, Greeks and others, such as Gratian, Ovid and others, have left written testimonies and depictions of the sport and the runners.