·   Participation in Fixed Odds Betting Games is free for all persons over 18 years old

·  Participation in competitions is permitted provided the participant agrees to the condition of absolute and unreserved acceptance of the regulatory framework in force, the Regulations for the Organization, Operation and Conduct of Fixed Odds Betting Games by OPAP S.A as well as the special terms and conditions as those are defined every time by OPAP S.A. and made public.

·  The detailed program is available on a daily basis at OPAP S.A. agencies, on the Internet and the press.

·  Bets are allowed until the star of the race selected by the player/participant.

·  Column price is set to €0,30.

·  The maximum wager per ticket is € 300.

· A betting slip is used only for the purpose of marking the player's predictions and entering them into the Central Processing Information System and under no circumstances can it be considered a valid ticket.

·  Upon receipt of the Ticket the participant must check its validity and that it contains all the selections entered on the specific play slip.

· A ticket validated by the Central Processing Information System of OPAP S.A. indicates the selections of the player as well as all other data that make it unique and are required for authentication purposes.

·  The cancellation of a bet can take place if all cancellation requirements, as those are defined by OPAP S.A., are met by the same terminal used for the issuance of the ticket and within five (5) minutes since the validation of the ticket or in less than five (5) minutes if the remaining time until the tart of the first selected event by the player starts in less than five (5) minutes.


·  Upon prize payment, the corresponding taxes are withheld by OPAP S.A. according to the provisions of law in force.

· The maximum payable winning per participation, regarding either one or multiple combinations is set at the amount of one million euros (€1.000.000) unless otherwise specified and mentioned in the Program.

·  Prizes are paid either by authorized OPAP S.A. retailers, or by authorized Banks following procedures set by OPAP S.A.

·  Prizes are payable to the holder of a winning ticket. In case of loss of a winning ticket the player is not entitled to prize money or other form of compensation.

·  After a period of three (3) months from the relevant competition any unclaimed prize becomes void.

·  Official results are available a few minutes after the end of the greyhound race and appear on "MONITOR GAMES" screens in agencies and on OPAP S.A.'s website.

·  Within a period of six (6) days from the publication of competition results interested parties can submit objections to OPAP S.A.'s Central Processing System