For the first time in Greece!

PROTO is launched on June 10, 1992 and can be played within Lotto slips.
It has 6 main and 2 extra prize categories (+3, -3 from last digit).
The initial column price at 100 drachmas (or 0,30€). 


Own slip and more prize categories!

On November 12,1997 an independent PROTO play slip is introduced and the game is revamped.
New winning categories are established (those whose number agrees with the first 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 digits of the drawn number) and the 2 extra prize categories are abolished.


New slip with more gaming options!

Fixed winnings for prize categories II to VI are established on January 26, 2009. 
Furthermore, a new and redesigned play slip is in place, offering more gaming options as well as the ability to participate in consecutive and future draws.
Column price changes to €0,50.


The game goes online!

In April 2023, opaponline.gr is launched, offering players the chance to submit their slip online, through opaponline.gr and mobile app.