For the first time in Greece!

LOTTO appears for the first time in Italy during the 18th century, under the name "Lotto di Genova" with an initial number combination "5 from 90".
On December 25, 1990 it is launched in Greece. The initial column price is 30 drachmas and since 26/10/1994 it changes to 50 (or 0,15€). 


With more prize categories!

On November 12, 1997 LOTTO gets revamped. A new prize category (triples) as well as a new lowest prize of 100 drachmas (0,30€) for the winners of all prize categories, are introduced.


New slip with more gaming options!

From January 26, 2009 the new redesigned play slip offers more options to the players and the ability to participate in consecutive and future draws.
Moreover a new prize category (5+1), with fixed prizes per winning ticket (for the 5+1, 5,4,3 prize categories) is established. 
The column price is fixed at 0,50€.