For the first time in Greece!

ΚΙΝΟ is played for the first time throughout Greece on October 4th 2004, with a minimum stake of 0,50€. (This is the amount applied up to date).


New redesigned slip!

On January 26th, 2009, the new redesigned play slip, offers more options to the players and the ability to participate in consecutive and future draws.


2 different slips!

On July 3rd 2015, tickets are further modernized and functionalized to cover every player's needs even better. Thus, two tickets occur: one with 6 areas and another one, which is more explanatory, with just 1 area.


ΚΙΝΟ BONUS option!

On November 12th 2015 KINO acquires – for the first time since its introduction – a new option, in order to become even more exciting and cliffhanging. 
KINO BONUS gives players the opportunity for greater rates of return and winnings.


More gaming options!

On October 1st, 2018 KINO is being refreshed, offering to the players 2 new gaming options: ODDS – EVENS & COLUMNS. 
The players can predict:
- If most of the 20 numbers will be ODDS, EVENS or there will be a DRAW
- Which vertical COLUMN will gather the most numbers
Moreover, the new gaming options are supported by a new screen content in OPAP stores which visualizes the ODDS – EVENS and COLUMNS, along with KINO draw screen.

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The game comes to life in your hands!

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