Your goal is to predict where the wheel stops!

With Powerspin you get to select a Number, a Symbol, a Zone and/or Over/Under 12,5, each one offering different odds depending on the game type.

By filling out a dedicated Powerspin slip available in any OPAP agency, you get to decide where the wheel stops, and if your prediction is correct, you win the amount generated according to the Prize Table.

                                                 Powerspin betslip


Within this slip area, you first select the numbers you want to bet on (one Number, Doubles, trebles etc.) and subsequently, you select the corresponding group of numbers.

For instance, if you want to bet on just one number, you first select the game type “Number” and later on, one number from 1 to 24, e.g. number 8:

You can bet on more than one numbers, again building a game column. For instance, opt for game type “Treble” and all 3 numbers, i.e. 6, 8, and 12:

Alternatively, you may want to select the field “RANDOM SELECTION” and the system will select for you the group of numbers based on the game type you selected.

Systems are supported in Powerspin, for more details please refer to Game Guide.


Furthermore, you get to select if the wheel stops on any of the three (3) symbols, by opting for the respective slip area:


You can also opt for a zone game and select if the wheel is going to stop on a red, green or blue zone, e.g. red zone:

You can select more than one zones.


You can select if the wheel stops on a number higher or lower than 12,5 e.g. bigger than 12,5:


You fill out the desirable wager in the area ”WAGER (€)” marked in the slip area (NUMBER, SYMBOL and ZONE), e.g. €2:

You can check all options, which has a cumulative effect on the result.


If you wish to participate in consecutive draws, fill out the respective area found on the bottom area of your slip, e.g. 50 draws:

You can fill out all draw options, which has a cumulative effect on the result.

Having filled out any of the above-mentioned options you may want, you submit your slip to the agent's checkout desk, prior to the draw taking place, to have your bet registered and your Powespin coupon delivered.