Spin and win!

Spin and win!

Terms & Conditions

Play slips are used only for the processing of selections by the Central Processing Information System and do not constitute evidence of an entry. 

Participation is permitted to persons over 18 years of age and entails the full, absolute and unreserved acceptance of the provisions of the applicable legislation, the regulation as applicable, as well as of the terms and conditions laid down each time by OPAP S.A.

Note: Wagering is allowed to occur before the start of the very first event out of those selected by each player.

The maximum wager per participation, with 1 or more combinations in place, is set to a value equal to 20,000 columns and is notified to players via the program.

A valid entry ticket is issued only by the specific terminals when the appropriate amount due is paid. Upon receipt, you must check its validity and that it contains all the selections entered.

Note 1: OPAP S.A. is not responsible if, for any reason, elements of a ticket are not entered in the Central Processing Information System, or if those, have not been safeguarded according to the provisions of law in force. In that case, the owner of the ticket is not entitled to any prize money or compensation.

Note 2: You shall keep the details of your ticket confidential and not reveal them to any third party. OPAP S.A. bears no responsibility for any damage caused by the notification of the ticket details.

You can ask for the cancellation of your participation and the refund of the ticket value, only when this is permitted according to the terms and conditions as defined by OPAP S.A.

You may submit an objection, if the Central Processing Information System does not recognize the winnings that result from your entry ticket, within a period of 6 days from the completion of the winning numbers draw

A valid result is considered exclusively what has been registered in the Central Processing Information System of OPAP S.A. 

Note: OPAP SA is not responsible for any problems or damages due to technical problems (e.g. satellite transmission problems) or any other technical issues due to which the virtual event is difficult or impossible to visualize.

Winnings are paid either through OPAP stores, after presenting the winning ticket, or by partnering banking institutions, following the procedures established by OPAP S.A.

Note: Tickets which are lost, destroyed, altered or in any other case, cannot be validated and retrieved from the Central Processing Information System, are not valid and are not entitled to any prizes or any other claim for compensation by OPAP S.A.

Upon payment of winnings, the corresponding tax is directly withheld by OPAP S.A., per the applicable legislation.

Note: Winnings are written-off following the lapse of 3 months from the expiration date of the respective program.

The maximum winning amount is 1.000.000€ per entry, whether it contains 1 or more combinations, unless otherwise stated and reported in the program regarding specific bet types or event groups.

Upon winnings payment, the corresponding taxes are withheld by OPAP S.A. according to the provisions of law in force.
Note: After a period of 3 months from the winning column draw, any prize claim is void.

Winnings certificate (for OPAP S.A.) is issued upon request.

The submission process can be completed through our website. For more information you can visit FAQs section.