The playslip's data is transmitted to OPAP central data-processing centre via terminals, located at the company's retail shops. In particular, to participate in the competitions of the game PROPO, the procedure consists of the following steps: 

STEP 1: Filling in the Playslip

The alternatives for filling in a playslip are as follows (as applied today or as described in the brochure):

-  Single Columns
- Full Systems (Full Development Systems)
- Standard Systems (Limited Development Systems)
- Permutations Systems

- Multiplier
- Consecutive numbers of PROTO game

Participation in a competition, using a playslip, is achieved either by marking areas 1-4 or area 5.

STEP 2: Handing over the Completed Playslip and Checking the Participation Receipt

You hand over the completed playslip to OPAP agent and, as soon as the coupon is validated via the terminal a receipt is printed out, as proof of your participation. Upon receipt of this Participation Receipt, you should check that it is valid and contains all the data corresponding to the specific participation. It is the player's responsibility to crosscheck his/her selections with the ones printed on the receipt, to make sure they coincide. In case there are any differences between the playslip and the receipt, you need to inform the agent.

In case of participation in the game PROTO through a PROPO playslip, you should receive 2 Participation Receipts, one for each kind of game.

STEP 3: Checking out the Playslip for Winnings

Upon completion of the PROPO competition, you compare the winning column with your predictions, to check out if you are the holder of a winning playslip. It would be convenient to use the special "Ticket Checkers" installed in every OPAP retail shop or you could always turn to an OPAP agent for assistance. Checking out the playslip is also accomplished by entering OPAP website and selecting the indication "Find Winnings".

You can either use the company's application "Find winnings based on ticket prognostics", where you enter your own predictions, or the application "Check Winnings", where you enter the data of your Participation Receipt, or even select the option "Autonomous Sorting Program", which is provided free of charge on our website. 

As it concerns the winnings of each PROPO prize tier, you can either be informed through official announcements or at any OPAP retail shop.

STEP 4: Redeem Winnings

Winnings redeeming takes place upon production of the Participation Receipt to the authorized OPAP S.A. retail shops (agencies). Winnings pay out, depending on the limit defined by OPAP S.A., takes place either at the retail shop, where a payment receipt is also printed out, or at a cooperating bank upon production of a payment request printed out of the retailer's terminal. The proportional tax is directly withheld by OPAP S.A. upon payment of winnings, in accordance with the applicable law.