You have the option to participate in the game through Full Development Systems. Select more than 5 numbers (from the field of 45) and/or more than 1 TZOKER number (out of 20).
Find below more details per case:

EXAMPLE 1: 45-Number Field
By selecting 7 numbers (out of 45) & 1 TZOKER number, 21 columns are created.

6 6
7 21 
8 56 
9 126 
10 252 


EXAMPLE 2: TZOKER 20-Number Field 
By selecting 5 numbers (out of 45) & 10 TZOKER numbers, 10 columns are created.

2 2
5 5
10 10 
20 20


Combination of selections
By selecting 6 numbers (out of 45) & 10 TZOKER numbers, 60 columns are created.
In case of a win in a category through a Full Development System, multiple wins / winnings derive for the lower categories as well. You can find more details in the table below:

Full development systems table

If TZOKER number is correctly predicted, then all winnings mentioned above are included in categories 5+1, 4+1, 3+1, 2+1, ή 1+1. 

Winnings mentioned in correct predictions columns 2 and 1, apply only if the TZOKER number has correctly been predicted.

Standard systems offer you the ability to play with fewer columns and less cost, compared to those needed for a full system, while choosing the same amount of numbers. στήματα

Why should Ι choose a System Game?

The System Game can boost your winning odds with an increase in number combinations. The standard systems apply only on the 5 out of 45 area. Sets of fives are created, which are then combined with ΤZOKER numbers you have selected in the 20-number field. 

System Codes

  • 45
    7 numbers = 5 columns 
  • 35
    8 numbers = 6 columns 
  • 34
    9 numbers = 9 columns 
  • 25
    9 numbers = 30 columns 
  • 24
    10 numbers = 14 columns 
  • 23
    10 numbers = 51 columns 
  • 15
    11 numbers = 22 columns 
  • 14
    12 numbers = 38 columns 
  • 13
    13 numbers = 54 columns - €27
  • 12
    15 numbers = 118 columns - €59

Below you can find detailed information about Standard Systems. 

Table of standard systems 

System Code Numbers Selected Columns Total 1st Cat. Percentage 2nd Cat. Percentage Full Development
45 7 5 23,81% 2-3 21
35 8 6 10,71% 1-4 56
34 9 9 7,14% 1-3 126
25 10 30 23,81% 5-7 126
24 10 14 5,56% 1-3 252
23 11 51 20,24% 5-7 252
15 12 22 4,76% 1-2 462
14 13 38 4,80% 1-5 792
13 14 54 4,20% 1-5 1287
12 15 118 3,93% 1-6 3003


 System Code:  

The code of the system you have chosen, which you need to mark on the slip. 

Numbers Selected:  
The numbers which you need to mark on the slip. 

Total Columns:  
The number of columns (of 5s) generated by the system for the draw. 

1st Category Percentage:  
The odds to get 5 out of 5, given that the 5 winning numbers are among the ones you have chosen in this system. 

2nd Category Guarantee: Shows how many 4s you have correctly predicted, given that the 5 winning numbers are among the ones you have chosen in this system (without a win in the category of 5s). 

Full Development Columns:  
The number of columns that would have been created, if you selected to play the respective full development system.  

System columns location 
Columns are reduced in a specific way, by the slips entry system and deducts them using the “Tables with positions of numbers” which are predetermined and always apply.   

To locate your own combinations of 5s, corresponding to the standard system you have chosen, use the “Table with positions of numbers”. 


Participation with the standard system 45 

Selected numbers: 7 - (4, 10, 22, 25, 32, 38, 44) 
To find the 5s via which you participate in the draw, just place the 7 numbers selected in ascending order in the positions of the table and see the columns that derive.  

Positions of numbers of standard system 45  

Selected Numbers: 7  
Columns: 5 

Selected Numbers Positions of Selected Numbers Columns
1 2 3 4 5
4 x x x x  
10 x x x x  
22 x x x   x
25 x x x   x
32 x     x x
38   x   x x
44     x x



They offer the ability to combine your selections in 2 up to 5 slip areas. 

The success rate depends on the number of correct predictions in each area (100% success rate is achieved, in case selections in all areas turn out to be correct).

The number of potential correct selections is marked in the "Codes" field of each area. 

Participation in Permutations Systems is always in the form of ΑxΒ or ΑxΒxC or ΑxΒxCxD or ΑxΒxCxDxE and is achieved under the following conditions:
1. TZOKER number (1 to 20) is marked only in area A. 
2. In each Permutation System, the sum of numbers referring to potential successful selections, in all marked areas, should equal 5.
3. The numbers marked in each field of 45 should not be the same as the numbers marked in each one of the other similar fields.

The rest of the slip areas, except for the ones the system is developed, must remain blank.

More about Tzoker

TΖΟΚΕR is a modern game of chance. Its objective is to predict 5 numbers (out of 45) and 1 TZOKER number (out of 20). It is played with single columns or using systems (full, standard or combined).

Slip Sample


Front View


Back View

About group slip
You can participate in the game by playing a group slip with your friends (2 to 25 person). Slip value is equally shared according to the number of participants. 
The tickets issued are considered as independent entries and are handed out to the participants, who in case of win, collect their winnings separately. The sole requirement is for the quotient, when dividing the slip’s columns by the number of participants, to be an integer.

How to play with 4 simple steps 
1. Visit an OPAP store with your friends
2. Fill in a TZOKER slip with numbers of your choice
3. Submit your slip, stating that it is a Group Play  
4. Distribute the tickets among you (1 for each participant)

•    You increase the columns 
Through the group play you join forces with friends. So the more players, the higher amount of slip columns played in the ticket. 

•    You share the cost 
When participating in a group play slip, the cost is equally shared among the participants (e.g. 5 participants – group play of 20 columns with 20€ means cost of 4€ for each participant)

•    You collect your winnings separately
In case your group slip wins, the tickets are redeemed separately. Each player collects the respective amount, simply by submitting his/her own ticket at any time. 

•    You have fun with your friends 
Group play is always more fun, don’t you think?

The field "Quick Pick" is available in every matrix area:

a. By selecting "Quick Pick" without marking any digits in a matrix area, the terminal generates a single column by:
•    randomly selecting 5 numbers (1 to 45) and
•    1 TZOKER number (1-20)


b. By selecting "Quick Pick" and 1 number greater than or equal to 5 from the field of 45 (e.g. 6) , the terminal generates a full system by:

•   randomly selecting numbers (1 to 45) as indicated (e.g.6 numbers) and

•   1 random TZOKER number (1-20)


c. By selecting “Quick Pick” and 1 TZOKER number from the field of 20 (e.g. 8),  the terminal generates a full system by:

•   randomly selecting 5 numbers (1-45) and

•    randomly selecting TZOKER numbers (1 to 20) as indicated (e.g. 8 numbers)


d. By selecting "Quick Pick", 1 number greater than or equal to 5 from the field of 45 (e.g. 8) and 1 TZOKER number (e.g. 3), the terminal generates a full system by:

•   randomly selecting numbers (1 to 45) as indicated (e.g.6 numbers) and

•    randomly selecting TZOKER numbers (1 to 20) as indicated (e.g.3 numbers)


e. By selecting "Quick Pick", a standard system code (e.g. 13) and 1 TZOKER number (e.g. 4), the terminal generates a standard system by:

•   randomly selecting numbers (1 to 45) as indicated) from the standard system (e.g. 13 numbers) and

•    randomly selecting TZOKER numbers (1 to 20) as indicated (e.g. 4 numbers)


Note: The selected number in the "20 numbers" field indicates the amount of requested TZOKER numbers and not the TZOKER number itself.

By filling the relevant fields, you can participate with up to 94 consecutive draws (starting from current). Multiple selections work cumulatively and refer to all games, including PROTO.

There is also the option to participate in PROTO (with up to 186 consecutive numbers), by marking the area at the bottom left side of a TZOKER slip. 
Multiple selections (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100) work cumulatively (e.g. for 125 consecutive numbers mark 5, 20 and 100)

Note: In case of participating in PROTO through TZOKER, LOTTO, PROPO, PROPOGOAL slips, 2 different entry tickets are issued – 1 for each game.

A single column (5 from 45 numbers & 1 TZOKER number, for 1 draw) costs 1,00€.

Εxclusively in OPAP stores and online at or OPAP Online app. 

You can submit your slip daily, at any OPAP store or online at and opaponline app. More specifically, for the days where the draws take place (on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday), slip submission ends at 21:30.

Draws occur every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at approximately 22:00 and are broadcasted live to the public, exclusively on OPAP YouTube channel.

Prize Tiers

Prize Tiers   Correct Predictions   Winnings per prize tier  
Ι  5+1  (*) 
ΙΙ  100.000€ 
ΙΙΙ  4+1  2.500€ 
ΙV  50€ 
3+1  50€ 
VI  2€ 
VII  2+1  2€ 
VIII  1+1  1,5€ 
IX  1€ 


*The winning of the 1st prize tiers (I) is pari-mutuel (i.e. it depends on the number of columns gathered), whereas the winnings of the rest prize tiers (II to VIII) are fixed.  

Note: Whenever there is no winner in the first winning category, the corresponding amount is transferred to the next draw and added to the amount which will be distributed in the same category (JACKPOT). 

Cost Calculator

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