Launch Date

November 25, 2002

Game Objective

EXTRA 5 or "5 out of 35" numerical lottery, requires the exact prediction of 5 numbers drawn out of a series of 35 numbers ranging from 1 to 35. It is a modern game offering everybody everyday the opportunity to claim prizes up to € 50.000.


Who wins?

In EXTRA 5 there are three (3) prize categories. Every winning ticket is allocated to one prize category according to the numbers matched. Each prize category has its own returnscoefficient based on which the winnings of every ticket are calculated.

a) Winning tickets matching all five (5) numbers drawn belong in the first prize category (I)

b) Winning tickets matching four (4) out of the five (5) numbers belong in the second prize category (II).

c) Winning tickets matching three (3) out of the five (5) numbers drawn belong in the third prize category (III)


Winnings per Ticket

The amounts paid as winnings per ticket in every category are fixed and stand as follows:

a)  For every winning ticket in the first prize category (I) the amount payable are fifty thousand (€ 50,000) euros, which corresponds to a returns coefficient of 100.000(*).

b)  For every winning ticket in the second prize category (II) the amount payable is one hundred and twenty five (€ 125) euros, which corresponds to a returns coefficient of 250.

c)  For every winning ticket in the third prize category (III) the amount payable are five (€ 5) euros, which corresponds to a returns coefficient of 5.


(*) The maximum amount distributed as winnings in prize category I in each draw are € 500.000. If there should be more than 10 successful entries in one single draw, then the total amount of € 500.000 are divided equally among winning tickets and distributed accordingly.



How much does it cost?

The amount due per column, (which consists of five marked numbers for one draw) is € 0.50.


Where can I play?

Valid tickets are sold exclusively in OPAP S.A. agencies.


End of participation

Entries stop 30 seconds before the end of the ongoing draw. Cancellation deadline for EXTRA5 tickets is the same with valid entries deadline, that is 30 seconds before the draw. The starting time for the validation of entries for the next draw or draws is on the hour.



EXTRA5 draws take place twice a dayon 15:00 and on 19:00. An electronic random number generator, certified for its credibility by academic, educational and research institutions in Greece and abroad, generates the 5 lucky numbers.
The winning numbers and sorting results are uploaded to OPAP S.A. website just a few minutes after the completion of the draw. The results are also broadcasted in the agencies using the HORIZON system and can be obtained by placing a call to 14944 (OTE).


General participation terms

·   Participation in draws/competitions takes place with the sole responsibility of participants and implies the full, absolute and unreserved acceptance of all relevant provisions of law in force as well as of the terms and conditions as they are defined every time by OPAP S.A.

·   Play slips are used only for the processing of players/participants' selections by the Central Processing Information System and do not constitute evidence of an Entry.A valid entry Ticket is issued only by the specific terminals when the appropriate amount due is paid.

·    Upon receipt of the Ticket the participant must check its validity and that it contains all the selections entered on the specific play slip.

·    OPAP S.A. is not responsible if, for any reason, elements of a Ticket are not entered in the Central Processing System or if those have not been safeguarded according to the provisions of law in force. In that case, the owner of the ticket is not entitled to any prize money or compensation.

·    The participant has the right to ask for the cancellation of his participation and the refund of the value of the Ticket only when this is permitted according to the terms and conditions as defined by OPAP S.A.

•   The bearer of the ticket shall keep the details of the ticket confidential and not reveal them to any third party.

•   OPAP S.A. bears no responsibility for any damage caused by the notification of the details of the player’s ticket to third parties.


·     Within a period of six (6) days from the completion of the draw of the winning numbers, any interested party may submit an objection to OPAP S.A. if the Central Processing System does not recognize the winnings that result from the specific Ticket.


Claiming Prizes

·   Prizes are payable to the holder of a winning ticket. In case of loss of a winning ticket the player is not entitled to prize money or other form of compensation.

·   Prizes are paid either by authorized OPAP S.A. retailers, or by authorized Banks following the procedures established by OPAP S.A.

·   Upon prize payment, the corresponding taxes are withheld by OPAP S.A. according to the provisions of law in force.

·   After a period of three (3) months from the draw of the winning column any prize claim is void.

·   Tickets who are destroyed or altered or in any other case cannot be validated and retrieved from the Central Processing System are not valid and are not entitled to any prizes or any other claim for compensation by OPAP S.A.

·   OPAP S.A can issue a winnings receipt following the submission of a request.


Legal Framework

General Rules (Only Greek), EXTRA5 Rules (Only Greek)


Printed Material

EXTRA5 Player Handbook (Only Greek)


History – Evolution of the Game


EXTRA5 was launched in Greece in November 25, 2002 and the amount due per column was € 0.50.

Since January 26, 2009, the new redesigned play slip is in place, which presents players with more options, allows for participation in consecutive draws and establishes the possibility to participate in future draws.