It was Sunday, 16 November 1997! TZOKER, a new and ambitious lottery game sets off for its journey in Greece and promises "Winnings beyond any imagination"!

It quickly becomes the most popular game of chance in Greece, thanks to the thrilling huge amounts of money it offers and thanks to its original commercials that become a sensation.

The amounts that it has handed out to its winners are inconceivable for the country, while in periods of great TZOKER jackpots, crowds swarm into OPAP agencies all around Greece!

In March 2019 TZOKER online was launched, offering players the chance to submit their slip online either through or through the mobile app.

Throughout TZOKER’s history, the numbers have been impressive:

  • TZOKER has handed out a total of over € 1 billion (in particular € 1,117,399,224) to 1st tier winners. And another € 1.5 billion to winners of smaller tiers!
  • It has made millionaires out of more than 600 persons!
  • It handed out the highest amount in its history, and in the history of games of chance, on 15/04/2010, when it reached € 19.3 million!
  • It broke all entry records on 22/11/1998, when it reached 90 million columns!



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