All OPAP Stores in the country are now open from 09:00 until 22:30, except for those in Kalymnos and in Kastanies village, part of municipal unit of Vyssa of the municipality of Orestiada

Committed to securing the health and safety of our partners as well as of our customers, we are implementing enhanced preventive and hygiene measures in our stores.

All OPAP games have resumed for even more fun in the stores, with rich betting content and with the possibility of continuous draws.

OPAP Stores operating in Kalymnos and in Kastanies village part of municipal unit of Vyssa of the municipality of Orestiada will remain closed until Monday, May 17 at 06:00 a.m.

We returned safely to our favorite entertainment destination.

Instore Provision & Hygiene Measures

Enhanced preventive and hygiene measures have been applied instore
  • Maximum allowed customers: The number results from the ratio of one customer per 25 m² of each store’s main area
  • Mandatory use of masks from all OPAP stores’ staff
  • At least two (2) meters distance between customers
  • Maximum three (3) customers queuing at the cashier
  • Instead of cash, we prefer contactless transactions
  • Placement of dividing panels between players’ positions at opapbet terminals
  •  Business hours: Open from 09:00 until 22:30

In-store Games

Τhe OPAP games and the possibility of continuous draws are available again in the OPAP stores!
  • TZOKER & PROTO: TZOKER and PROTO  draws continue with 3 draws per week every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 22:00.
  • LOTTO: LOTTO draws continue normally
  • ΚΙΝΟ: Live KINO draws every five (5) minutes, both on stores’ screens and at and OPAPP (available in the play store or Apple store).
  • POWERSPIN: Live POWERSPIN draws every four (4) minutes on stores’ screens.
  • PAME STOIXIMA: Sports betting and Virtual Sports resume in-store
  • SCRATCH: New SCRATCH game 21, with winnings up to 500.000€.
  • LAIKO “Popular” Lottery: The POPULAR LOTTERY’S draws resume on 20/04 with Draw 10 and the 8th JACKPOT, with total winnings up to 3.380.000€. Draw 11 will take place on 27/04.
  • NATIONAL LOTTERY (ETHNIKO):  250th Edition of NATIONAL LOTTERY resumes on 12/05 with Draw A’
  • Foreign races pools betting is now available.


1. How many people are allowed in the store?


The number of people allowed depends on the square meters (m2) of each store and it results from the ratio of one customer per 25 m².


2. How many people are allowed in the queue for the cash register?


People in the store must maintain a distance of at least two (2) meters from each other.


3. How long can a customer stay in the store?


There is no limit to the length of time customers stay in the store, but only to the number of customers allowed to be served simultaneously in the store, corresponding to (1) customer per (25) square meters.


4. How many people are allowed in the queue for the cash register?


The maximum number of people queuing at the cashier is three (3).


5. How transactions are done at the cashier?


All our stores are equipped with POS terminals, so that you can pay contactless with your debit card, instead of using cash.


6. Are seats allowed in OPAP Stores?


No. Services are offered only to non-seated customers.


7. Is it mandatory to use a mask at OPAP Stores?


All customers and personnel are required to wear a protective mask.


8. Are the public spaces cleaned during the day?


All common areas and equipment (opapbets, POS, pens, counters) are regularly disinfected and all spaces are properly ventilated by keeping the doors and windows open.


9. How safe is the use of pens in order to fill-out game slips?


All pens are located at the cashier and are disinfected after every use.


10. How do you ensure that crowding and congestion do not occur in the store?


Agent and the personnel is responsible for controlling the number of customers in the store, in order to comply with the rules of safety and protection of public health.


11. Which SMS code do customers have to send for their visit to an OPAP store?


Our customers must send Code 2 by SMS to the five-digit number 13033 to visit an OPAP Store located within the boundaries of their relevant Municipality or at a distance of up to two (2) kilometers from the homes.