What can make Monday feel like Friday? What can have you feeling, a slight bit, carefree? The answer is in the game!

Playfulness releases dreams, fun and opens our horizons. At OPAP we believe in the power of play, because playing games makes you smile and infuses colorful moments that might even surprise you.

The more you play, the more you discover the truth of life – everyday can become fun! Live the game and watch your days become fun and pleasurable.


Unique experiences, pleasant moments and new adventures give essence to our everyday life. Moving out of our comfort zone, to open ourselves up to the experiences we normally would not do, can uncover the power within us. OPAP grants unique moments, and pushes us to experience the experience!


Soccer is rightfully the ‘King of Sports’. The simplicity of its regulations and accessibility allows everyone, from a young age, to play, become passionate and aspire to develop expertise in the sport. Acknowledging the sport’s impact, OPAP actively supports soccer and motivates us to experience football in different ways.


Basketball is different from the other sports, because of its dynamic character and intense emotional experiences it can elicit.

Through its sponsorship activities, OPAP actively supports this dynamic sport and enables everyone to live basketball inside and outside the stadium.


One of the most beneficial and valuable gifts we can give to ourselves in this life: is allowing ourselves to be surprised. Surprises are unexpected and always make us smile. OPAP has created and hidden small surprises in our cities.

Look for them… there might be one next to you!

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