Α. Single Column

The minimum wager is one column (single column); the player selects a sum of numbers, which corresponds to the selected game type.

Selection of Random Numbers

The field "Lucky Dip" is available in every matrix area:

By selecting "Lucky Dip" the terminal generates a sum of randomly selected numbers, which corresponds to the game type selected.


Playslip Multiplier

The "Multiplier" multiplies the columns played and is available in each matrix area; the player's options in this field are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, which go through a cumulative process.

Participation in Consecutive or / and Future Draws

You also have the possibility, using the same playslip, to participate in up to 400 consecutive draws, starting from the current or a future draw (up to 201 draws following the current one), by completing the corresponding fields. Theselectionsgothroughacumulativeprocess

Partial Invalidation of Selections

By selecting ‘VOID' in one or more Matrix areas, the terminal does not enter the data of that (those) particular area(s) in the system upon validation of the playslip. Therefore, an area that is accidentally marked can be deselected without invalidating the whole playslip.