• Participation in draws/contests comes with exclusive responsibility of the participants and entails complete, absolute and implicit acceptance of the relevant legislation's provisions as well as the terms and conditions that each time are defined by OPAP S.A.
  • Tickets can be used only for registering the participant's predictions in the Central Data Processing System and under no circumstances is a proof of participation. Proof of participation is printed by the special terminal hardware, provided the participant has paid the defined amount. Upon receiving proof of participation, the participant must check its validity and verify that it includes every detail which corresponds to his/her particular entry.
  • OPAP S.A. is not responsible if, due to any reason, proof of participation is not found registered in the Central Data Processing System or if it's not ensured according to current legislation suggestions. In those cases, the player who possesses proof of participation is not eligible to any kind of winnings or compensation.
  • The bearer of the ticket shall keep the details of the ticket confidential and not reveal them to any third party.
  • OPAP S.A. bears no responsibility for any damage caused by the notification of the details of the player’s ticket to third parties.
  • Each participant is entitled to requesting his ticket's cancellation and refund of the amount he paid, only in situations where this is allowed based on the terms and conditions defined by OPAP S.A.
  • Every player who wants to, has the right to submit an objection to OPAP S.A. within six (6) days from the date in which winning numbers were registered, in case Central Data Processing Centre does not recognize the winnings occurred based on proof of participation.

  • Winnings are paid to the person who brings proof of participation of the winning ticket. In case this proof is lost the demand of payment or other type of compensation is excluded.
  • Winnings' payment is made by any of OPAP S.A.'s authorized sale spots or by corresponding Banks according to a procedure which is defined every time by OPAP S.A.

    During winnings' payment OPAP S.A. instantly withholds the appropriate tax amount, according to currently effective legislation.

  • If more than three (3) months have followed after the date when the winning numbers were registered, demand of collecting any kind of winnings ceases to exist.
  • Any proof of participation that has been destroyed, has corrupted elements or any details which are impossible to spot or retrieve by the C.D.P.S. will not have any validity and no demand of payment or other type of compensation by OPAP S.A. will be possible.
  • OPAP S.A. will issue a winnings certificate if a player applies for one.